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What to look out for when choosing shades?

We want shades to be aesthetic and to match the colours and style of the room. Those are certainly important factors, but remember that technical aspects of the product are equally significant. For most of customers, such terms as: Springloaded or SideWinder will not tell much. Let us then delve deeper to let you choose shades that are not only pretty, but also perfectly crafted and durable to last you many years without faults.

Shade mechanism

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Before you buy any shade, let us explain how they work. The basic difference lies in the weight the product can withstand. To put it differently: weak mechanism will not sustain heavy shades and a product bought without considering that aspect will turn out to be a waste of your time and money. Although most shade mechanisms are based on a plastic system, we recommend looking for such that is made of stronger material, so that the product lasts you many years without faults.

Products are labelled with signs which Customers often do not understand. Below, we remind what types of shades are available:

  • Springloaded — there is a spring in the shade tube.
  • SideWinder — chain mechanism.
  • Motorised blinds — electric blinds.


Shade brackets are made of metal or plastic. Steel brackets are the most durable. Remember that metal brackets can be in a colour of pure steel or powder coated. In the latter case, the product contains a relevant note.  Upon the Customer’s special order, PVC brackets can be made or the brackets can be coated in any colour. If you are wondering which bracket type to choose, remember that the difference between the pure steel and the powder coated steel lies mainly in aesthetics and has no bearing on the product durability. In such a case, you can just match the bracket type to the interior.


There are three types of shade tubes. The main difference is in the type of material they are made of. You can choose from the following:

  1. Aluminium tubes — strong, resistant to corrosion (moisture may occur at the window).
  2. Steel tubes — just as strong, but may rust.
  3. Paper tubes — the least durable.

Remember that the tube type does not considerably affect the price of a product. Therefore, if you are after durability, the best choice would be an aluminium tube.


The distance between a chain and the floor cannot exceed 1.5 m. It arises from the safety requirements concerning children who could accidentally get entangled into it while playing. It is best to buy shades with a white chain, as it does not soil your hands. You can choose from the following chain types: chrome and brass, although there is a higher risk of soiling due to an oily coating. The most practical choice is a chain labelled as continuous — without a connector.

Good luck choosing the perfect shade!

We look forward to your comments — we will be happy to help.